Planning for the perfect trip

Planning for hikes, climbs and expeditions

Planning for the perfect outdoor trip
Always have 5 m tat in the pack for escape on abseil

Here i will post tips and experiences from all the hundreds of hours spent in planning for climbs, expeditions and other trips that calls for neardy details.

What gear to bring, the right amount of food and nutrition, how to squeeze weight down or which one luxury thing to bring for supporting morale ?

How planning works in the family

My family have got used to that I always spend a lot of times preppíng for trips – especially outdoor activities.

I am quite famed for my detailed packing lists and feared for when i go into packing mode just before departure. Not sure why, but they tend to treat me like a mad dog and whispering: now he goes into BS. I will tell later what that means. I am sure they appreciate my planning, but i do not expect they will admit to that.

I hate to miss an important or even a small piece of gear i could and should have remembered.

There is no such thing as a perfect trip

The perfect trip would also be boring, but just doing the preparation routine maximises the chance of coping with the unforeseen by just remembering that extra prusik, carabiner or warm layer. Especially for expeditions the planning of gear, clothes and right insulation is essential as you may not be able to supplement on the go.

A good check on what you should bring or at least consider,  see the link to get inspiration on the 10 essentials for hiking and other outdoor activities. These you should always when  mountaineering. In other posts you can see why I am quite keen on this and situations where I did not check accordingly.

I bought the book: “Mountaineering, Freedom of the Hills” as my first mountaineering book and have chewed it many times on mountaineering skills, rescue, navigation and all basic skills to learn. Highly recommended to be a basic part of your library that will grow over time (mine did).


“Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.”
― Winston Churchill

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