A midlife guy

Inspired by my lovely wife I am now a middle aged guy who enjoys life fully and spend my precious time with my great passions. In other words: pro-actively pursue the Good Life After 50.

In my professional life I have always worked hard and focused on doing the right things for the right objectives. It may sound a bit saved, but I come from a modest background where ‘learn and provide before enjoying’ was a key value. It has carried me through many years of executive positions and interesting work in the corporate world.

I have had super interesting positions and work experiences from all over the world, but started to find that things repeated it self. Life passed by too fast for my wife and I and we had a lot of wishes to what a happy life should include. This lead to that we spent endless hours on discussing how our life should be.

More balance between professional ambitions and what really makes you happy. In the exact moments you are in doing what you like, in other words: how our dreams would be our life.

My inner stubborn donkey

Gitte camping on Col Midi - Good Life After 50Not easy to change my ‘inner stubborn donkey’ from ‘you know what you do, who you are and where you go’  to – simply let go and follow your passions.

Thanks to Gitte – she did not let me off the hook. I am greateful to her persistence and ever optimism and support in changing my mindset and perspective in life.

As you will learn in my blog mountaineering, alpine and rock climbing is a very important part of my life. I love the combination of outdoor life, it´s sometimes very hard in tough conditions. Not at least it always requires skills and technique gained prior to needing them out there.

Although always been active, done sports and a lot of outdoor stuff I was a late starter with real mountaineering.

Now, why start climbing after 50 when it’s time to enjoy a good cup of coffee or a drink in front of the fireplace ?


Why not do all what you really love to do?

Well, why not do it all, why select and de-select – this is the essence behind my blog GoodLifeAfter50. Why not do all what you really love to do.  Also after turning 50 and even better – with the ones you love most: your family and good friends.


My passions

In my blog you will find a lot about my passion for climbing and sports, but also other spices that are important for our good life. Old fashioned cocktails, a good cup of coffee, an unexpected good meal or other great moments to share.

I will try not only to share the tough and successful achievements, but also…

the failures, difficult moments and funny incidents.

The climbing all started when my wife suggested to go on Kilimanjaro – our first “expedition” and first time in very high altitude. Holy cow, how little we knew about altitude sickness, height gain , layering and other elementary things we have learned since then.

The fire had been ignited and it lead to a lot of new experiences and good moments, alone, with my wife, family and good friends. Not only within mountaineering, but just as well how to pursue your passions in life. No matter if it is climbing, mixing old fashioned cocktails, enjoying a good meal  or just the good life at a beach.

Summiting is for the ego – mountaineering is for the soul.

I hope you enjoy my blog or even get inspiration into your own good life and passions.

Cheers / Jan

Good life after 50

Good Life After 50