In September our good, old friends visited us in Chamonix. The boys were very keen on having their first alpine experience with harness and all the cool tools as ice axe, crampons and ropes.

The conditions to go out were not the best as we were blessed with awful weather forecasts, but we went up the Aiguille du Midi cable car to have a stroll in Col du Midi. For those not familiar with the place, just getting down the Midi ridge have many times resulted in grown up men shitting their pants, scared of the exposure. The bad weather and two alpine first timers are probably not the best conditions for going up Aiguille du Midi, but what the heck…it was a great day out in good company. 

Please enjoy the movie as a tribute to the brave rookies that just went on when it got tough and utilized the very last minute before the last cable car returned to the valley  Turn on the nice music and enjoy all the 5 mins

You can get further fun details on the trip here.